Best Gift for ‘YOU’

Festive season has already started and with it celebration, family time and lots of gifts. It’s always great to get those beautiful gifts from loved ones but when it comes to deciding gifts for others it really becomes a task. So while I was deciding on gifts for family and friends for next big festival I thought about gifts I got so far, and to my amazement most of these gifts mattered so much because of the feelings that were associated with them. Often we forget the tangibles but keep the memories close to our heart.

This made me think about the best gift you can give to yourself, things you will cherish and appreciate your entire life, and things you will thank yourself for. Here is the list of invaluable things I could come up with. I sincerely hope that it will help you find out what is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Love thyself – You are ‘You’ for a reason. Stop acting like someone else, instead know your true self, what you like and don’t like. Do what your heart wants; sing the song it yearns to sing. Listen to your inner voice and trust it. Know what is right for you and not for everyone else, because it’s always right to be at the bottom of correct mountain than on the top of a wrong one.

Forgiveness – We all know that feeling of resentment – when your heart beats faster, your mind clouds with anger, your stomach churns and body becomes tense – often you say hurtful words and act out of anger mostly to regret later on. You might give numerous reasons for your bitterness but bottom line is longer you stick with this bitterness, bigger price you pay for it. You can’t reach for anything new if you’re holding onto past. So forgive people and move ahead in life, not for them but for your sake.

Invest in yourself – It’s great to see your wealth growing but what is more important is your personal growth and it comes from being a continuous learner. So invest in yourself, your goals and your dreams. Focus on yourself and do the right thing, don’t allow negative people influence you.

Life is like a book, sometimes you laugh sometimes it fills your heart with sadness but if you will stick to same page you will not find what is the true story. So accept your flaws, admit your mistakes and be ready to learn new lessons.

Time for yourself – We often lead life with ‘To-do list’ in hand and generally we put ourselves last on that list. We need time for self to explore our feelings, to recharge ourselves, to make things clear in life, to take better decisions, to live a healthy life. So next time you make that to-do list be generous with yourself.

Positivity – Gift yourself positivity, the power to look at the brighter side, no matter how tough the circumstances are. It is easier said than done but it’s worth a try. Be grateful for what you have and opportunities you got; let go of negativity and negative people. Change your perspective and your world will be completely new.

Embrace your dreams – Give your dreams wings to fly, don’t kill them in rut. Do what you love, what you are passionate about. Give your dreams a chance to flourish, don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t be scared to walk alone, and don’t be scared to enjoy what you so desired to do. Find courage to do what is right for you and spend your best days doing what matters most to you.

Your turn now…

What is the best gift you want to give yourself? What is that one thing you know you have to start doing to reinvent your life? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.


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