Festival of lights


This festival of light brings love and happiness with it and diyas, rangolis, lights, new clothes, sweets are most sought after items at this time. Decorative lights of Diwali are all up in every home, in every corner. Firecrackers explode all over the city and people are out on the streets for celebration, traffic is horrendous, but an air of festive spirit abounds. It is the hour of gaiety and laughter, and expressing affection and cheer to one and all. Blessings are sought from the elders, gifts and sweet delicacies are exchanged.

There is warmth throughout and the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi is remembered in prayer and thought. The ‘diyas’ that are lit around the house, the lights that illuminate every abode are an invitation to the goddess to enter into our humble homes and bless us with her benevolence. Card games, mostly flush, are played in the evenings with guests that visit. Lakshmi is sought in all the winnings and they become an indicator of what and how the rest of the year will turn out for them.

Hope this Diwali brings lots of happiness and love in your life, hope these bright lights bring brighter smiles, health, peace and good will. With sweets come happiness, laughter and success. Hope this Diwali we all remain together in an endless bond of love and respect and admire our individuality. May we give strength to each other, be in compassion and love. May this festival of Diwali illuminate our life with unsurpassed joy. And may all of this be with us all for eternity.

This Diwali lets burst our ego, negativity and fear so that this festival of light bring us clearer air to breathe. Let’s reinvent the sweetness of our relationships so that with Diwali we find harmony and love with one another without increasing those extra kilos around our belly.

Wish you all a very Happy & a prosperous Diwali.


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