Be an Entrepreneur

Last month I attended an event which was mainly for start-ups. It was well attended event and at first when I saw the crowd I thought many of them are aspiring entrepreneurs because most of them were in their twenties. But as the event progressed I was pretty surprised to see that more than half of that twenty-something audience were already entrepreneurs. Isn’t it great that youngsters are changing their mentality and instead of sticking to their 9-6 job they are actually looking forward for becoming their own boss.

Start-up environment in India is great at this moment with growing domestic market, many angels, and great talent pool excited with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. Many twenty-something entrepreneurs have already built their companies and many aspiring entrepreneurs are on their way of becoming big. Starting from e-commerce, mobile apps, small manufacturing units, new products with brilliant ideas to solve a problem- be it service, manufacture or an app to make your life better – there is an entrepreneur.

Energy in that session was really contagious I felt so inspired after the session and learned so much in few hours. Here are five lessons that entrepreneurs can teach us:

A story– Entrepreneurship is just like your favourite story- there is a good guy, a big problem and then the good guy change the story with this great idea to solve the common problem. You have a problem, protagonist brings a new idea to bring the change which results in chaos but in the end there is a solution which makes life better.

An entrepreneur also takes charge of the problem and tries to solve it in an innovative way. If you ditch figures in a business an entrepreneur is one who always tells a story and believes in those stories. He believes in positivity, he believes in himself and his team. So be an entrepreneur, an encourager – Walk inside your story and own it, create your own ‘Once upon a time’.

Passion and Hard work– Entrepreneurs work really hard but they don’t scream about it, because they love what they are doing. They are passionate about their idea and work long hours to make it a reality. An entrepreneur has a desire to achieve, the push to conquer problems, and give birth to a successful venture.

There is no quick fix in life, you have to work hard and have patience because companies are not made overnight it takes time to start and flourish and so does any dream. So you have to be ready to push that big rock hard every single day only then one day it will be on the top of that hill. Pursue your passion and difficult will become new normal for you.

Networking– This is one word we all hear every other day but when you are an entrepreneur you have to earn and sustain with your network. No matter what your business is – networking is always the key. It doesn’t mean couple of tweets or Facebook, it might be a start, but it is way more than that –“Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.”

Create strong relationship with people because a mutual relationship is often a key for success. Trust is an important factor in relationship and when it comes to business it is no different. Become a source for others to succeed and in the process you will become successful too.

Innovation– We have same old problem how you create an innovative solution of that problem that is in short a business. While others keep complaining about the problem few actually go and solve those problems to make our life easy and that in business terminology is an ‘Entrepreneur’.

Connectivity problem gave birth to phones, now we have Facebook, WhatsApp and many more. Innovation is the key – think out of the box, inside the box or rather throw the box away and start your own unique way of thinking.

Do it– Finally, an idea is of no use unless you act upon it. Doing is the key. So if you have an idea work on it, roll your sleeves and give it a go. It’s easy to dream and talk about it but it takes courage to work on your dream. Entrepreneurs are always doers; they don’t just think but also act on their ideas. Be persistent because no big achievement is possible without this one quality.


There will be lots of hindrance in your way to achieve your goal but if you focus on solving the problem by passion, innovation and trust, things will definitely fall in place.  Write your story in the way you want it to be not how others want to see it. Be an entrepreneur in your life – if not in work at least take control of your own life.


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