Festival of lights


This festival of light brings love and happiness with it and diyas, rangolis, lights, new clothes, sweets are most sought after items at this time. Decorative lights of Diwali are all up in every home, in every corner. Firecrackers explode all over the city and people are out on the streets for celebration, traffic is horrendous, but an air of festive spirit abounds. It is the hour of gaiety and laughter, and expressing affection and cheer to one and all. Blessings are sought from the elders, gifts and sweet delicacies are exchanged.

There is warmth throughout and the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi is remembered in prayer and thought. The ‘diyas’ that are lit around the house, the lights that illuminate every abode are an invitation to the goddess to enter into our humble homes and bless us with her benevolence. Card games, mostly flush, are played in the evenings with guests that visit. Lakshmi is sought in all the winnings and they become an indicator of what and how the rest of the year will turn out for them.

Hope this Diwali brings lots of happiness and love in your life, hope these bright lights bring brighter smiles, health, peace and good will. With sweets come happiness, laughter and success. Hope this Diwali we all remain together in an endless bond of love and respect and admire our individuality. May we give strength to each other, be in compassion and love. May this festival of Diwali illuminate our life with unsurpassed joy. And may all of this be with us all for eternity.

This Diwali lets burst our ego, negativity and fear so that this festival of light bring us clearer air to breathe. Let’s reinvent the sweetness of our relationships so that with Diwali we find harmony and love with one another without increasing those extra kilos around our belly.

Wish you all a very Happy & a prosperous Diwali.


Best Gift for ‘YOU’

Festive season has already started and with it celebration, family time and lots of gifts. It’s always great to get those beautiful gifts from loved ones but when it comes to deciding gifts for others it really becomes a task. So while I was deciding on gifts for family and friends for next big festival I thought about gifts I got so far, and to my amazement most of these gifts mattered so much because of the feelings that were associated with them. Often we forget the tangibles but keep the memories close to our heart.

This made me think about the best gift you can give to yourself, things you will cherish and appreciate your entire life, and things you will thank yourself for. Here is the list of invaluable things I could come up with. I sincerely hope that it will help you find out what is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Love thyself – You are ‘You’ for a reason. Stop acting like someone else, instead know your true self, what you like and don’t like. Do what your heart wants; sing the song it yearns to sing. Listen to your inner voice and trust it. Know what is right for you and not for everyone else, because it’s always right to be at the bottom of correct mountain than on the top of a wrong one.

Forgiveness – We all know that feeling of resentment – when your heart beats faster, your mind clouds with anger, your stomach churns and body becomes tense – often you say hurtful words and act out of anger mostly to regret later on. You might give numerous reasons for your bitterness but bottom line is longer you stick with this bitterness, bigger price you pay for it. You can’t reach for anything new if you’re holding onto past. So forgive people and move ahead in life, not for them but for your sake.

Invest in yourself – It’s great to see your wealth growing but what is more important is your personal growth and it comes from being a continuous learner. So invest in yourself, your goals and your dreams. Focus on yourself and do the right thing, don’t allow negative people influence you.

Life is like a book, sometimes you laugh sometimes it fills your heart with sadness but if you will stick to same page you will not find what is the true story. So accept your flaws, admit your mistakes and be ready to learn new lessons.

Time for yourself – We often lead life with ‘To-do list’ in hand and generally we put ourselves last on that list. We need time for self to explore our feelings, to recharge ourselves, to make things clear in life, to take better decisions, to live a healthy life. So next time you make that to-do list be generous with yourself.

Positivity – Gift yourself positivity, the power to look at the brighter side, no matter how tough the circumstances are. It is easier said than done but it’s worth a try. Be grateful for what you have and opportunities you got; let go of negativity and negative people. Change your perspective and your world will be completely new.

Embrace your dreams – Give your dreams wings to fly, don’t kill them in rut. Do what you love, what you are passionate about. Give your dreams a chance to flourish, don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t be scared to walk alone, and don’t be scared to enjoy what you so desired to do. Find courage to do what is right for you and spend your best days doing what matters most to you.

Your turn now…

What is the best gift you want to give yourself? What is that one thing you know you have to start doing to reinvent your life? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Be an Entrepreneur

Last month I attended an event which was mainly for start-ups. It was well attended event and at first when I saw the crowd I thought many of them are aspiring entrepreneurs because most of them were in their twenties. But as the event progressed I was pretty surprised to see that more than half of that twenty-something audience were already entrepreneurs. Isn’t it great that youngsters are changing their mentality and instead of sticking to their 9-6 job they are actually looking forward for becoming their own boss.

Start-up environment in India is great at this moment with growing domestic market, many angels, and great talent pool excited with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. Many twenty-something entrepreneurs have already built their companies and many aspiring entrepreneurs are on their way of becoming big. Starting from e-commerce, mobile apps, small manufacturing units, new products with brilliant ideas to solve a problem- be it service, manufacture or an app to make your life better – there is an entrepreneur.

Energy in that session was really contagious I felt so inspired after the session and learned so much in few hours. Here are five lessons that entrepreneurs can teach us:

A story– Entrepreneurship is just like your favourite story- there is a good guy, a big problem and then the good guy change the story with this great idea to solve the common problem. You have a problem, protagonist brings a new idea to bring the change which results in chaos but in the end there is a solution which makes life better.

An entrepreneur also takes charge of the problem and tries to solve it in an innovative way. If you ditch figures in a business an entrepreneur is one who always tells a story and believes in those stories. He believes in positivity, he believes in himself and his team. So be an entrepreneur, an encourager – Walk inside your story and own it, create your own ‘Once upon a time’.

Passion and Hard work– Entrepreneurs work really hard but they don’t scream about it, because they love what they are doing. They are passionate about their idea and work long hours to make it a reality. An entrepreneur has a desire to achieve, the push to conquer problems, and give birth to a successful venture.

There is no quick fix in life, you have to work hard and have patience because companies are not made overnight it takes time to start and flourish and so does any dream. So you have to be ready to push that big rock hard every single day only then one day it will be on the top of that hill. Pursue your passion and difficult will become new normal for you.

Networking– This is one word we all hear every other day but when you are an entrepreneur you have to earn and sustain with your network. No matter what your business is – networking is always the key. It doesn’t mean couple of tweets or Facebook, it might be a start, but it is way more than that –“Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.”

Create strong relationship with people because a mutual relationship is often a key for success. Trust is an important factor in relationship and when it comes to business it is no different. Become a source for others to succeed and in the process you will become successful too.

Innovation– We have same old problem how you create an innovative solution of that problem that is in short a business. While others keep complaining about the problem few actually go and solve those problems to make our life easy and that in business terminology is an ‘Entrepreneur’.

Connectivity problem gave birth to phones, now we have Facebook, WhatsApp and many more. Innovation is the key – think out of the box, inside the box or rather throw the box away and start your own unique way of thinking.

Do it– Finally, an idea is of no use unless you act upon it. Doing is the key. So if you have an idea work on it, roll your sleeves and give it a go. It’s easy to dream and talk about it but it takes courage to work on your dream. Entrepreneurs are always doers; they don’t just think but also act on their ideas. Be persistent because no big achievement is possible without this one quality.


There will be lots of hindrance in your way to achieve your goal but if you focus on solving the problem by passion, innovation and trust, things will definitely fall in place.  Write your story in the way you want it to be not how others want to see it. Be an entrepreneur in your life – if not in work at least take control of your own life.

My Odyssey

It’s been a while since I wrote something here. Not because life was dull but on the contrary so much happened in last few days that this platform took a back-seat for a while.

My over enthusiastic kids who are already trouble makers has now officially entered in the ‘troubling two’ phase and I should stop here, because that is a reason enough to make me crazy. They now have an official title of ‘Trouble makers’. While I am writing this they are in the process to bringing everything on the floor (not sure how my house would look when I am done with this post). How I used to adore my valuable furniture but now it is nothing more than a jumping deck.

So that’s one part of life which I am trying to somehow hold on, other part is that before going on vacation I finally managed to publish my first book on Amazon. It is “Odyssey of a girl- A collection of emotions and poems” – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014LEG8JC


It was so overwhelming to see book with your name as an author on kindle. It was not easy of course but it was worth it. It took me so many months to hit that publish button. Every time I used to feel nervous and scared (which I still do) to hit publish but finally after all that negative talks I managed to put it there for others to read.

‘Odyssey of a girl’ is a collection of emotions in poetic prose. It is an assortment of poems which revolves around a life of a girl, a woman, wife and a mother to some extent. It is somewhere the story of every girl with love and desires.

Odyssey of a girl

Here are few stanzas from the poem. Hope you will enjoy it. (From poem- ‘Drama Wedding’ from “Odyssey of a girl- A collection of emotions and poems”)

Poem: Drama Wedding

When winter Sun shines far away,
I wait for my wedding day.
The day when bells will ring,
And we will be tied in a string.

They ask, how I want my wedding to be,
He smiles and laughs, with me.
For he knows, where it is heading,
Not a wedding, I want a drama wedding.

I want a dress with ample grace,
Which can resist the glow of my face.
Get me a radiating red and green silken dress,
For my heart is too merry to wear anything less.


Are you a Book Lover?

Which book you are reading? Which is your favourite author? Which genre you love to read? These are some questions that book lovers ask each other and enjoy talking about what they read. This might seem lame for people who don’t read but for people who love reading, it is a whole new world full of imagination. They know how lame it is to not read, so they are okay with those judgemental looks.

There is an interesting relationship that a book lover shares with books. They love everything related to books, and written words has a life for them, which a non-reader cannot understand. There are so many crazy ideas that a book-lover gets and which are completely normal if you are a voracious reader.

Here are 10 common things that you do if you are addicted to books.

  1. You feel there are so many books to read and so less time. You thank god for Friday because you can read for two days continuously and many times in night too. There is nothing better if weekend is little dull with rain or storm, so you have an excuse to ditch your friend and read that book.
  1. When you arrange your books for 100th time and feel so happy about your precious possessions. When all you feel that you need more space for your books and how many more books you want to satisfy your need.
  1. When you picture your dream home, it always has a big library full of books and a comfortable place for you to read because there is nothing as great as a good book and a cup of coffee.

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! — When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.”  ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

  1. When you keep suggesting people books to read and often you judge people by the books they read, authors they follow. You pity people who say I can’t read books, it’s so boring and you find it easy to connect with fellow readers.
  1. Your ‘to-read’ list is already so big that after finishing a book you end up in an argument with yourself about which book to pick next. Even when you travel or go on a vacation you always have a book or two in your bag because there is a great pleasure in reading. You also fancy reading near the beach on a quiet afternoon with Sun shining at the top or on the highest mountain peak in the lap of nature.
  1. For you one of the biggest pleasures in life is visiting a library or a book store. Smelling books- new and old, staring at the classic collection of author you admire so much. Book shopping is your favourite thing to do. Buying books, admiring books and even after buying loads of them you always want that one more book in the corner and it automatically goes in next shopping list.

“In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.” – Mark Twain

  1. You have kindle in your hand and you have already read the book couple of times but still you want a copy of your favourite book in hard-cover, because you want to feel it in your hand.
  1. Sometimes you just hate finishing a book because you loved it so much and you want the author to continue the book infinitely. When you keep comparing people around you with characters in your favourite book. When you want your partner to read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ before marriage so he knows what you want is perfect Mr. Darcy. When you keep saying your kids ‘You have got your mother’s eyes.’ That is pure insanity but yes book-lovers are prone to these insane behaviours.
  1. If you are a parent or going to be one you already have a list of books you will want your kid to read. You have some of these already in your library even if your kid is too young to read. You have already planned which books you will gift your child, when you will introduce that first harry potter book to your child and lot more.

       “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

  1. When your loved ones always ask you before your birthday, which book you want and you end up thinking which book to say for you have a long list to pick one. When you buy more books than you can read and still feel you have to buy some more.

There is honestly no end but it is always fun to see how we booklovers behave weirdly at times. But despite all this I still love reading because there is no pleasure like reading a good book.

No matter how much stress you have in your relationship, at your work or other daily issues, when you read you slip into a story and leave all your worries behind. Books can take you to other realms and give you great experiences to cherish. Reading a book is a great way of removing negativity from your system. Books are indeed elixir in this fast moving world full of stress. So, why not try to open a book and replenish our soul.  

What are you reading today?

An open letter to – India

Dear India,

You know how many things I don’t like about you and given a chance how much I crib about it with anyone who is ready to listen. Everyone whom I meet gives me at least two things they don’t like about you and honestly many times I have done my part in giving an extra reason to add in their list. But I am writing this because I need some answers – why I feel so proud every time I hear your name, every time I hear people singing national anthem, why is it that I get this feeling – a feeling of being proud, feeling of patriotism.

Many times I feel like running from you, getting away from this negativity but still when I come back I get peace and love from you. You are not perfect, but who is. I am not perfect but you accepted me with all my faults so why I keep on finding faults in you. You are part of me and I am part of you. So if you are not perfect neither am I nor anyone else. Now it is my turn to accept you as you are, without finding faults and without expecting everything to change drastically for you.

You are my home, part of my identity. Yes, I don’t like many things about you but today when I look back and ask myself this question I found so many reasons to love you, respect you and admire you. How can I hate you when my father spent his entire life serving for you, fighting for you, respecting you, talking about you and everyday getting ready to die for you.

As a child I loved you and now even after so much negativity, so many bad incidents I still love you. I want my kids also to respect you as much as I do and even more because you will be our legacy to them. If you are not perfect today it is because of us and not you. You are my country and I am so proud of you.

Happy Independence day India. I am proud that you are my first identity.

“If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.”

                                            – Romain Rolland, French scholar

Pursue your Passion

As a kid I remember everyone used to say, “Pursue your dreams, and follow your heart”. But today when you look around reality is not same, not everyone pursue their dreams. There can be many excuses for this like, responsibility of family, piling of bills, a job that pays for your life and many more.

But mostly the reason for staying in rut is that it is not easy to pursue your passion, it takes conscious efforts and gut to pursue your dreams. We prefer to stay in our comfort zone and go with flow because most of us get scared to do something different and hence we take the easy way out.

It is quite human to fear, to get scared before you do something new. If you are going after your big goal, big dream than it is quite normal that you will face resistance from the world outside you and the world within. You will feel confused, path in front will look dark and many times you will want to give up on your dreams. But what we don’t realize is that only after you overcome your fears, your confusions, you will be ready to accept the way in front of you. It is the part of the process that will make you ready for the path that leads to achieving something you always wanted – your dream.

Pursuing your dreams sounds good but it is not easy and many times it brings with it lots of hard work and rejections. Legends are not born they are made on the very day when they accept their fears and work to achieve their passion by overcoming those fears through continuous action and persistence. It takes perseverance and positive mental attitude to break the trend, and to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Here’s four points of resistance that everyone experiences in pursuing dreams, and why you should push past each one and keep going.

To start one day

“You can follow your dreams someday but now is not the time. Now you should work hard in your job, get enough money, buy a house, a car and after that one day you can start pursuing your dream.” Does this sound familiar? We have sold this myth to ourselves on the name of responsibility, on the name of security and in this rat race, passions dies every day.

So ask yourself, are you killing your passion? Are you living less of your potential just because society has sold it to you? If yes, than take one step now to live your passion a small effort today can make a difference. Because, One day will never come, there are seven days in a week and one day is not one of them.


When you will choose to pursue your dreams you will face criticism, rejection and that is normal because it is part of growing up. Criticism comes because you are challenging status quo. You are challenging social mentality, you’re challenging belief of society and making them uncomfortable and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Rejection are bound to happen initially because everyone thinks differently what is right for you may not be good enough for others. So don’t dwell on couple of rejections try again and you will hit the button for opening the door you so wanted to open.

Big ideas, different ideas throughout history faced criticism and rejection but that is not a reason to stop, make it your motivation to move ahead.

Giving up

Every day is different you will have days when you will lose sight of your vision and you will ask yourself ‘Why I am doing this?’ You will almost want to give up. You will see your friends living a normal and easy life. You’ll wonder whether pursuing your big dreams is really the best thing you could be doing.

Stop your negative thought there and ask yourself why you started in the beginning. It’s easy to lose your focus down in the day-to-day, but you started out on this path for a reason. Come back to that reason, remind yourself, align your focus, and you won’t want to give up. Giving up is easy but keeping on path needs a strong will. So don’t be a quitter.

Fear of Failure

Most of us fear failure before starting up we think, ‘What if I failed, what others will think about me. What will I do?’ This fear is biggest of all and often stops big dreams from becoming reality. Think for a moment, failure is not that bad – if you will not pursue your dream you will regret it for your entire life and if you fail on the other hand you will face it and move on. You will start again with better planning and more energy.

Fear can be your teacher which can teach you great lessons and in other way you can also see fear as a price that you will pay to achieve your goals. Take any stand you want but never let this fear of failure stop you. No failure is permanent unless you believe in it, so make your failure a stepping stone to achieve your dreams.

 As Napoleon Hill says, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

Life is short. Our days are numbered, so why spend these days doing something we don’t want to do. It makes sense to pursue your dreams and follow your passion. Don’t just tell this to your kids instead create a live example for them to see and believe.

It’s time to make a decision to go for it.