Parenting is HARD

Last week marked another first in our parenting journey. It was an annual concert at school and Kids performed for the first time on the stage. It was an emotional moment for us and honestly, I was more nervous than them. I told them to enjoy their little dance but when their eyes were searching for us among so many people I felt the responsibility, fear, and happiness all at the same time. When they found us and smiled at us- that was simply unexplainable, they were just performing for us and that feels awesome. At that moment I felt proud and nervous at the same time.


Being a parent means you have to be a motivator even when you don’t know what to say. It demands you to stay calm, even when you are at war from inside. It’s honestly not easy to be one. What I realized that kids not only makes you a parent but also a warrior. If you weren’t strong before having kids, I can assure you that parenting will turn you into a warrior.

Solving a fight between siblings and trying to make lunch for them, one of them is pulling your leg asking when lunch will be ready, it takes patience. Cleaning poop anytime anywhere no matter what you are doing, when you are having morning tea, breakfast, dinner, working, or even if you are sleeping, it takes determination. Carrying your sleeping child, his favorite toy and any other thing which your toddler refuses to part with takes physical strength. Standing up for yourself and your parenting decisions to the judge-y moms or relatives, it takes courage. See aren’t you a Warrior already.

Parenting has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. There are days I wish would never end and days I wish would be over before they even started. The day, when your toddler starts a major tantrum on the road and people starts staring at you. And there are days when no matter what you try your child just keeps on screaming.  Those days are exhausting, they test our limits. But somehow, even on those days, we find some comfort in being a parent because at the end of the day nothing counts more than that unconditional love. But, this realization usually comes when the child sleeps and you keep on staring at his innocent face talking to yourself.

Why doesn’t anyone tell you how hard parenting is? We always hear how rewarding it is to raise kids, but no one ever talks about how tough it can be. You might have heard about few months of sleepless nights or how kids take the priority but no one talks about the hard part of parenting. Honestly being the disciplinarian sucks but as a parent, we all have to do it. Staying up all night with your baby who is sick and then being energetic for your other kid on zero sleep is no fun. Meltdowns anywhere are just awful.

Honestly parenting is awesome and amazing BUT, IT IS ALSO “HARD”. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!

The joy that fills my heart on a daily basis after I see my boys is immense. But I would be lying if I said parenting is easy because it isn’t. So, to all the parents out there, you are not alone.


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