Lace up and RUN

When it comes to running there are people who are just crazy about running, for them running is part of their life. And there are others who think running is not for them, for various reasons. If you are someone who is thinking about running but not able to push yourself hard, here are few more reasons to think about grabbing your shoes and start running.

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When we talk about running everyone thinks about fitness, burning calories, loosing fat. Yes, running is good for heart, body and your overall wellbeing but I am not an expert to talk about all this and I am sure most of you know about it so let’s ditch fitness talks. There is more to running than just fitness, it a sport for all ages.


Here are some of the reasons apart from health which motivates me to grab my shoes every morning and explore new terrains.

Running makes you mentally strong

Physical strength is indeed what one associate running with but when you challenge yourself with new goals every other day you also train your mind. With running you become your own motivational coach because you have to inspire yourself every day to run and when you win the battle of mind, YOU RUN.

You fight with sore muscles and push for your best run, because every success starts with believing. So, running is a great way to train your brain to be stronger.

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It also trains you to take one step at a time to achieve big goals in life. No matter how good a runner is but you can’t complete a big run unless you plan for every mile. Planning small steps is the key finish a big run and also to achieve big goals in life. Running helps you to face bigger challenges in life by making you mentally strong.

“Running keeps your head up and your mind strong.”

Clear my mind

When your day is busy and you don’t have time to plan even than running helps, it gives you a moment to think. This is my favorite part of running when you disconnect yourself from phone, technology, internet, and every other thing and just be with yourself.

This ‘me time’ is the time to think about what really matter.


Creativity booster

Not only a moment to think but running also helps in solving problems, relaxing your mind and often helps in bringing creative ideas.

What can be more inspiring than grass tickling your feet and flock of birds fly over your head? When you spend time with nature you feel relaxed and peaceful mind is indeed creative.

Running keeps you calm, active and more stress resistant. And when you are active you tend to see sunny side of the life not only while you run but throughout the day, this helps you to be more creative and productive.

“Running releases more than just sweat”

Connect with others

Running helps you to connect with new people, fellow runners or complete strangers. It encourages you to support other runners, motivate a stranger to finish his run and get inspiration from others.

And the best part is no matter what your goal is when it comes to running everyone is a winner because you compete with yourself.


Your turn now, share what are your reasons for running and what are you learning from it.

Running is fun and it brings joy to those who appreciate what one learns from running. And if you find yours lace up and start running because that’s what makes the difference.

Happy Running!



4 thoughts on “Lace up and RUN

  1. I run for a lot of reasons aside from just to reap the benefits. It’s the mental side for me also, there is something about waging a war with your body and mind the entire time you’re running and the overwhelming accomplishment of meeting your end goal that just makes it all worth it!

    I also get quite moody if i don’t run enough! It’s quite strange really. When i run my outlook on life is a lot more motivated, like i can do anything. When i don’t run i get quite lethargic and like everything is impossible.

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  2. Why run? Because I am lucky enough to be able to. As fithealthyhappysite above says, mentally it’s great for me being a chronic sufferer of depression (20 + years). It has really helped me to clear my mind and to embrace life and be thankful for what I have.

    Also, it just feels great doesn’t it!? That ‘runner’s high’? Nothing else comes close when on those days you feel as though you could run forever and everything in the world is rosy. Nothing makes me feel the way running does (and that includes the pain of a 10k or the last miles of a marathon). If I can’t run due to injury, time whatever, I can get grumpy very quickly; it’s like a drug and in a way, it is as the endorphins are released during your run.

    I’ve also been a road cyclist for over 20 years, and although that has given me some great times and very memorable rides, it does not come close to the feelings that running gives me 🙂

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