10 things I have learnt in 23 years


I am 23. Happy Realization Anjali. 🙂  I might not have my life sorted. I have no idea where I should be and what should I do, but I do have experiences that have taught me things I am pretty proud of. Experiences – that made me who I am today. Here is the list of ten things I have learnt in past 23 years.

  1. Read 

I was never a much of a reader. I never read school books forget anything else. But thanks to my sister, she always insisted me rather forced me to read. She used to tell me all the great things she read and how I should read to feel the exhilaration reading brings. I could never thank her enough for this habit. Because of this I am never alone. NEVER BORED!


  1. To-do List #FTW

If it gets written, it gets done. No easy way to put it. Helps me maintain timelines. Helps me PRIORITIZE.

  1. Family comes first. ALWAYS and FOREVER!

You might not like them on some days and you’ll miss them to death on some. But they are always there. You can always count on them and you can always go to them and see nothing has changed, they still love you the same.


  1. Love Yourself

This is not something I have learnt eventually, this might be something I am born with or maybe that’s how I am raised. I have seen people doing things for others they don’t want to. They help people on the cost of themselves, NOT ME! I think about me. I care for me. I will always love me more, all of this doesn’t makes me selfish but makes me more practical.

  1. Let people, things and places go.

Don’t get stuck on these things. People move to different countries. Everybody will get busy with their own lives. Things won’t be the way they have been. Suck it up and move on. You will also move to a different city leaving the place you thought you’ll never leave. Embrace the change and learn to enjoy it.

  1. You don’t have to be a Social Butterfly. 

It is okay to not be in contact with everyone all the time. It is okay to not pick up calls and focus on what is important for you. There might be million ways to connect with people but tell me the point of talking to your neighbor in xyz city when you were 10. No point? Be in the real world not virtual. Actually go out and meet people.

  1. Stop Cribbing.

Constantly complaining about where you are and what you are doing might not take you anywhere. Stop cribbing. If you don’t like what you are doing than go find something you like and do that. You will have to do something if you don’t like something and I don’t think cribbing has helped anyone.

  1. Travel.

Go out and see the world. Leave your cocoon and see what the world has to offer. Do it alone or do it with friends but go and explore how beautiful oceans are. How it feels to wake up and see the sunrise in mountains? How does the flowing water sounds at night? Managing yourself in extreme conditions make life seems pretty simple.

  1. Birthdays are all about people.

I used to think they are about gifts and how much everyone loves you, midnight calls and wishes you get tired replying to, but no. They are about the people you have with you that day. The people you love, if they are not there then nothing could make that day special.

  1.  SAY NO.

If you think you cannot do something, say no. If you cannot be there for someone, tell them. Never lie. Just tell people the truth and don’t make false promises. You don’t have to say yes to everyone who comes to you for something.

About: Anjali Chauhan 12144684_10153602060812954_6765231950367284994_n

Anjali is a Software engineer by profession. She likes travelling, dancing, reading and writing. She recently began her personal blog,  she shares her insights about growing up, happiness, passion, and meaning. Visit her blog or her Twitter page for contact information and more of her work.


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