My Odyssey

It’s been a while since I wrote something here. Not because life was dull but on the contrary so much happened in last few days that this platform took a back-seat for a while.

My over enthusiastic kids who are already trouble makers has now officially entered in the ‘troubling two’ phase and I should stop here, because that is a reason enough to make me crazy. They now have an official title of ‘Trouble makers’. While I am writing this they are in the process to bringing everything on the floor (not sure how my house would look when I am done with this post). How I used to adore my valuable furniture but now it is nothing more than a jumping deck.

So that’s one part of life which I am trying to somehow hold on, other part is that before going on vacation I finally managed to publish my first book on Amazon. It is “Odyssey of a girl- A collection of emotions and poems” –


It was so overwhelming to see book with your name as an author on kindle. It was not easy of course but it was worth it. It took me so many months to hit that publish button. Every time I used to feel nervous and scared (which I still do) to hit publish but finally after all that negative talks I managed to put it there for others to read.

‘Odyssey of a girl’ is a collection of emotions in poetic prose. It is an assortment of poems which revolves around a life of a girl, a woman, wife and a mother to some extent. It is somewhere the story of every girl with love and desires.

Odyssey of a girl

Here are few stanzas from the poem. Hope you will enjoy it. (From poem- ‘Drama Wedding’ from “Odyssey of a girl- A collection of emotions and poems”)

Poem: Drama Wedding

When winter Sun shines far away,
I wait for my wedding day.
The day when bells will ring,
And we will be tied in a string.

They ask, how I want my wedding to be,
He smiles and laughs, with me.
For he knows, where it is heading,
Not a wedding, I want a drama wedding.

I want a dress with ample grace,
Which can resist the glow of my face.
Get me a radiating red and green silken dress,
For my heart is too merry to wear anything less.


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