Pursue your Passion

As a kid I remember everyone used to say, “Pursue your dreams, and follow your heart”. But today when you look around reality is not same, not everyone pursue their dreams. There can be many excuses for this like, responsibility of family, piling of bills, a job that pays for your life and many more.

But mostly the reason for staying in rut is that it is not easy to pursue your passion, it takes conscious efforts and gut to pursue your dreams. We prefer to stay in our comfort zone and go with flow because most of us get scared to do something different and hence we take the easy way out.

It is quite human to fear, to get scared before you do something new. If you are going after your big goal, big dream than it is quite normal that you will face resistance from the world outside you and the world within. You will feel confused, path in front will look dark and many times you will want to give up on your dreams. But what we don’t realize is that only after you overcome your fears, your confusions, you will be ready to accept the way in front of you. It is the part of the process that will make you ready for the path that leads to achieving something you always wanted – your dream.

Pursuing your dreams sounds good but it is not easy and many times it brings with it lots of hard work and rejections. Legends are not born they are made on the very day when they accept their fears and work to achieve their passion by overcoming those fears through continuous action and persistence. It takes perseverance and positive mental attitude to break the trend, and to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Here’s four points of resistance that everyone experiences in pursuing dreams, and why you should push past each one and keep going.

To start one day

“You can follow your dreams someday but now is not the time. Now you should work hard in your job, get enough money, buy a house, a car and after that one day you can start pursuing your dream.” Does this sound familiar? We have sold this myth to ourselves on the name of responsibility, on the name of security and in this rat race, passions dies every day.

So ask yourself, are you killing your passion? Are you living less of your potential just because society has sold it to you? If yes, than take one step now to live your passion a small effort today can make a difference. Because, One day will never come, there are seven days in a week and one day is not one of them.


When you will choose to pursue your dreams you will face criticism, rejection and that is normal because it is part of growing up. Criticism comes because you are challenging status quo. You are challenging social mentality, you’re challenging belief of society and making them uncomfortable and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Rejection are bound to happen initially because everyone thinks differently what is right for you may not be good enough for others. So don’t dwell on couple of rejections try again and you will hit the button for opening the door you so wanted to open.

Big ideas, different ideas throughout history faced criticism and rejection but that is not a reason to stop, make it your motivation to move ahead.

Giving up

Every day is different you will have days when you will lose sight of your vision and you will ask yourself ‘Why I am doing this?’ You will almost want to give up. You will see your friends living a normal and easy life. You’ll wonder whether pursuing your big dreams is really the best thing you could be doing.

Stop your negative thought there and ask yourself why you started in the beginning. It’s easy to lose your focus down in the day-to-day, but you started out on this path for a reason. Come back to that reason, remind yourself, align your focus, and you won’t want to give up. Giving up is easy but keeping on path needs a strong will. So don’t be a quitter.

Fear of Failure

Most of us fear failure before starting up we think, ‘What if I failed, what others will think about me. What will I do?’ This fear is biggest of all and often stops big dreams from becoming reality. Think for a moment, failure is not that bad – if you will not pursue your dream you will regret it for your entire life and if you fail on the other hand you will face it and move on. You will start again with better planning and more energy.

Fear can be your teacher which can teach you great lessons and in other way you can also see fear as a price that you will pay to achieve your goals. Take any stand you want but never let this fear of failure stop you. No failure is permanent unless you believe in it, so make your failure a stepping stone to achieve your dreams.

 As Napoleon Hill says, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

Life is short. Our days are numbered, so why spend these days doing something we don’t want to do. It makes sense to pursue your dreams and follow your passion. Don’t just tell this to your kids instead create a live example for them to see and believe.

It’s time to make a decision to go for it.


12 thoughts on “Pursue your Passion

  1. Great blog today! Thank you so much! You have inspired me! We only have one life to live! If there is something I have a passion for, I better just do it!! Love you my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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