Your Share of ‘Friendship’

Life is a great teacher and every minute that we live it teaches us something new, something that makes us a better person. Many of these lessons come from our parents, teachers, siblings, colleagues, and friend. There are lessons we learn from a hard time and a good day, from failures and success.  We learn a new lesson when we see a cute child in the car smiling at us, when we see that old lady walking on the street; we learn when a loved one leaves this world and a lot in between. Life is full of experiences, some good and some not so pleasant but all these experiences has something or other to teach us. That is life and that is how we become little wiser with each passing day.

When we talk about life mostly we think about people we love, family and friends. Family which always stays by our side no matter how many wrong decisions, bad choices we make, they will scold us but still stick with us.

Friends are the family you choose, who are often your greatest critiques, who sometimes gives you a hard time but when you are down they are the people who pick you up and kick you to start moving. They show you real world and teach you tough lessons. They often become your shell after that hard day, that breakup and that emotional low.

We all have our own memories with our friends and these friends sometimes spice up our life, sometimes they make our simple day special just like that dark bite of chocolate. Today on the eve of friendship day when the entire world is remembering their friends, tagging each other on post, sending twitter messages, uploading pictures on Instagram to show their love and cherishing their bonds. Let us see what this bond can teach us apart from those late night parties, tequila shorts and long gossip sessions.

They know you

No doubt they are your greatest critiques but when they know you have a potential to achieve something they will be the one to kick your butt too just to keep you moving. They know you more than you can imagine. They know about both your strengths and weaknesses so trust them.

I didn’t know what I was capable of until I had that best friend. Friends know how to motivate you, emotionally blackmail you and if need be shout at you. They know when you will need them, when to call on you and of course how to make you happy when you feel low.

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

You are never alone

Sometimes you will feel alone and down as if the entire world has abandoned you. There seems to be no light around you and path ahead would be as dark as a black hole. When you will stumble in the darkness there will always be a hand to hold you and lift you up.

In those hardest moments when everything seems out of control, they will be there to comfort you and light a candle to show you the path. Even if you scream at the top your voice to leave you alone, your torch bearers – your friends will be there, so never think about being lonely.

Support system

Friends will make you laugh until your stomach starts paining with those nonsense jokes, silly faces and those hilarious late night impersonations.

When you will spend those long weekends cribbing about your colleagues, boss, girlfriend/boyfriend, they will listen that too. They will teach you that it’s ok to let your emotions flow. They will let you cry and let those emotions flow, then in no time they will be ready with a bottle of whiskey or your favourite chocolate to cheer you up. They will reassure you in the beginning and then make you laugh with tears in your eyes. Like a real support system they will listen to you, comfort you and often guide you too.


We all have secrets and if you are a girl no doubt your number of so called ‘Secrets’ is very high but you need someone to share these secrets always no matter how many times you were warned not to.

Who else other than a trusted friend can share this burden with you. Even if you had those fights but when you have a secret to tell you will always call that friend and he will listen to it.

They will teach you how to trust others. Trust is the key in any relation and friendship is no different. You will trust them to watch your back, to protect you and your secret. You will give your heart, your dreams, your fears, your goals and your insecurities to your best friends and you will trust them with it. They will share your problems, your feelings and your chocolates too.

Be Yourself

A true friend will always accept you for what you are. They will never force you to be like someone else. They will see you hit rock bottom, fight with your fears, fail number of times and still see who you are really.

They know you are emotional, short tempered, little weird but still they will always be there for you because that’s what true friends are. They love you for what you are not for what you pretend to be. With them you can be yourself without pretending to be that cool, intelligent person.

No matter how much you talk about friendship you will never get enough of it because there will always be something more to experience, share and learn. So, enjoy your share of this beautiful relationship with your friends.

“A friend may be waiting behind a stranger’s face.” – Maya Angelou


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