Be like a ‘Swan’


I love morning walks, besides rejuvenating our energy reserves it brings freshness in our thoughts. Walking for me becomes a treat especially when I find myself surrounded by exquisiteness of nature, feeling coolness of grass under my feet and with trees all around me laden with colourful spring flowers. To add to this mystical picture of nature joins in beautiful birds of all sizes and colour, singing songs I can’t understand but which makes me feel the serenity of my surroundings. I still love finding shapes in clouds, watching the Sun playing peek-a-boo and in all this I never realize when I get completely lost in my daydreaming. I love that cool breeze coming from nearby stream touching my face and bringing me back to my present surroundings, carrying with it brilliance of nature and warmth of happiness.

I found a place just like that in the midst of this concrete jungle and I still go back to this place either physically or mentally to regain my peace of mind. But every time I go to this place I always end up getting something more, something which makes me a better person.

Last time I visited this place I saw beautiful white swans gracefully moving in the water. There was elegance in their movement as if they were just flowing with the water without much effort. But after closely examining these lovely birds I saw what was hidden from me initially. What I was admiring was the grace and poise of a swan but there was lots going on beneath the surface of water. Its webbed feet were continuously working below the water to propel this graceful motion of a swan. It was such an inspirational insight for me, these beautiful birds taught me a lesson about excellence and success, something I least expected to learn from them.


We all admire successful people for their talent, for what they have achieved in life and often in our ignorance we tag these people as lucky or born talented crowd. We presume that they got things easily; they were ordained to be at the top because they make the sublime look so easy for its admirer. It is common consensus that genius makes the hard look ridiculously easy, thus giving the impression that it is effortless.

These people are just like white swans, graceful and calm when you look at them but to attain this they put lots of efforts. They work hard in the shadow and display excellence and elegance in the open. Their persistence and disciple most of us just refuse to acknowledge because we keep looking at only one side of the coin and that for us is their success.

Albert Einstein once said that the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” And these lovely white swans are perfect example that lives by these lines. Recently in one session a presenter talked about Swan analogy, something similar to what I observed couple of days back. What interested me deeply was swan analogy can actually open up new ways of thinking.

You can also bring that grace; success and satisfaction when you keep your focus correct and keep pursuing your goals like a white swan. What you achieve is the definite result of continuous and persistent action in the unstoppable pursuit of your goals in a manner consistent with universal laws. Persistence and continuous action is indeed the heart of all fulfilling lives. Persistence is the one quality that separates you from everyone else and your continuous action can take you where you want to be.

Learn to be a swan in your life and stay focused to what you want, but don’t stop there be persistent and take continuous actions to be where you want to go. Don’t just talk; make action part of your life.

“Be like a Swan. Stay calm on the surface but paddle hard underneath.”     



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