Writing brings clarity


In life there are days when it is hard to concentrate on anything prolific. When anxiety takes up your senses and things become blur. Or when simply because you have so much to do or think that you can’t judge which one should take priority.

Recently a friend asked me about helping him with some decisions. He explained me and I realized he had all his answers only thing which was missing was clarity of thoughts. I told him to write his points on a piece of paper and after writing down his focus points in no time he had all his answers, his path was in front of him. He just told me one thing, “Writing your thoughts is such a difficult thing but when you start doing it, it brings so much clarity to your thoughts.”  This was so insightful; I write because I love it, he wrote because he wanted clarity. We all have different reasons but one thing is true that writing helps in bringing clarity.

What do we write most often these days? For most of us writing includes of emails, messages, social media status, task lists at work, and perhaps sometimes related to our work project. However, taking time to write down certain things, such as our goals, our feeling, your plans and our future decisions can change the way we think and act.

Here are four different ways that writing things down can change your life.

Writing brings focus– Writing your thoughts on a piece of paper clears your mind. Decluttering your mind creates space to focus on things which are important to you. It brings clarity of thoughts and with clarity comes victory.

Set aside few minutes for writing down your thoughts, your plans and your goals. It can be just few lines but give yourself time to revisit your thoughts. As David McCullough has put it, “Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.”

Peace of mind – In Today’s hyperactive life we all feel stressed out. We talk about work life balance, stress management and all sorts of jargons. But, one simple thing that can help you is writing down your feelings. It is just like talking to a friend only difference is that you become more aware about your emotions and self- knowledge can make a good amount of transformation in your life.

Writing down what’s on our mind is a great way to work through inner conflict or filter your feelings around a particular situation. If you have lots of anxieties and worries, then writing them down can help you put them into some kind of perspective. It brings calmness and peace.

Organized life – Our mind is always filled with one or the other thought, it is scientifically proven fact that we get somewhere around 60,000 thoughts in a day and in this we often miss on important things. If your memory is anything near to that of mine than you can surely not rely upon it. To avoid missing on any important thing you should always be as organized as possible. There’s nothing more annoying than misplacing an item, your wallet, keys or your phone, so always put important items in the same place. Also when you keep small things organized it declutters your mind and it can focus on other important task.

Furthermore organized thoughts and actions bring better results both in personal and professional fronts. We all know many ways to organize ourselves so use one that work for you. Writing things down works for me.

Stop negativity– What’s goes inside your mind is completely your responsibility – only you are accountable for what you think. Many of us let our negative thoughts take control over our mind and which in turn brings negativity in our personality. If you let these negative thoughts dwell in your mind than chances are that you will always be grumpy and unhappy.

The best way to deal with negativity is to let it go from your system. Affirmative way to do this is to talk to someone but if you really can’t open up about your feelings than writing can be your savior. Write down how you feel and what you plan to do about it. Understand the cause of your negative feeling and let it go. It will relieve your mind from excessive stress.

Writing might not be easy in the beginning but it is worth trying to express yourself on a piece of paper, it can bring a positive change to your life. It certainly did for my friend and many other people I know. I hope it will help you unravel your thoughts and get back to a more productive state of mind.


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