Twinkling Stars


“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Earlier in every summer vacation I used to go to my grandparents place for couple of weeks. I still cherish those childhood memories, those long walks with my cousins in the midst of heavily laden mango trees. Chirping of birds in the morning, green fields, and not to mention all those dainties my granny used to make for us. That hot summer breeze which I used to dislike so much, by evening used to be so pleasant and wonderful. But most of all I used to love those long chats with my sister in the night, just beneath those twinkling stars. My sister used to ask me, “why we don’t see so many stars in the city, it looks so beautiful here with so many stars”. At that time I didn’t knew myself.


As a teenager when I read this Emerson quote, I appreciated what it said and meant almost instantly. It gave me the answer to my sister’s question. Quite simply, stars shine their brightest when they are engulfed in darkness. Amidst the brightness of city lights, they are hardly noticeable. But now when I read it I see so much depth is there, it is simple but still has a powerful insight in it.

Many times we feel that we are at the dead-end and don’t have any path to move forward, often we keep looking at the wall in front of us and never realize that there is in fact a new path for us just besides the corner. At the time of hardship we often lose hope and make ourselves even more miserable. We see darkness everywhere and lose the hope to see the light. But in all this we forget that when darkness descents upon us, the universe above us sparkles in brilliance, dressed at its best.

Darkness can be your reality if you let it be, if you choose to see the stars they will appear for you. Seek the opportunity that every failure gives you; it might be hidden somewhere but with determination you can surely find it.

Even now when I look up and see those twinkling wondrous objects shining above me, they fill me with joy like an old friend and renew my hope on something big. I hope you also see your shining star among all the darkness.


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