Be Courageous Today!


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal:

it is the courage to continue that counts.”

                                         ― Winston S Churchill

When we talk about courage usually a picture of a soldier, a great leader or someone with extraordinary characters comes in our mind. But I think that we have created such a great picture of courage in our minds that often we fail to recognize those small acts of courage that life show us every day.

Courage doesn’t always mean a big act of heroism; it can be as small as staying focused about one’s health. Courage can be as simple as doing something you never thought you would do. Courage is just taking that step forward after that failure; it can be getting up when no one thought you would.

Most courageous people I know today are my toddlers. Other day I took them to a garden where as usual they started running like a racer to reach at the other end of the park. One of them fell down and hurt his knee, when I rushed to check on him he gave an innocent smile to me. And in no time he was up again and running faster than before. There was no fear of falling again, no fear of hurting himself; he was just running to reach his goal.

It might be a small thing but I believe that we adults can learn this simple lesson about courage from these kids. This act of moving ahead in life even after seeing the rock bottom, can make a huge difference in our life.

I have seen many people who get so disheartened with a small defeat. Many take a small defeat as a permanent failure. People become sad as if failure is the end of life. We should learn to move ahead when things doesn’t work for us, that is indeed an act of courage.

When it comes to change we complain so much about everything. We fear about uncertainty, we fear about falling again, we see so much negativity everywhere that we cease to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We become so rigid to change that we stick with one thing in spite of all the negatives.

Where is that childlike courage to move ahead and face the life? Where is that courage to move forward despite all the pain and fear?

Stop thinking too much and start doing. Courage is taking that first step forward and believing in success. So many people end there life regretting what they didn’t do. Don’t let that happen to you. Start now and reinvent your life. Don’t buy the alibis your brain gives you, instead hear what your heart want. You might fall couple of times but falling down is not that bad, it gives you a chance to start again with more energy.

Courage is creating a way when you thought there was none. Courage is staying positive in this world full of negativity. Stay focus to your goal and you will be there like my son did even after that fall. When he reached the other side though he was hurt he was happy and excited.

As an adult with much more experience we can definitely let go of our fears and start again. Rekindle your energy and start fresh, make your failure a stepping stone to achieve your goal. Do what you would do if you won’t be afraid. Show courage in your life and be your own hero.


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