15 Things Game of Thrones can teach us about Life


Contributor- Anjali Chauhan

Like many of you, I am a Game of Thrones devotee. This hit HBO show which has fans entranced over the fight for the Iron Throne, has been lauded as the network’s most popular show ever and everyone seems to be pretty obsessed with it. I know almost ten women who call themselves Khaleesi. This show is sort of addictive in an unusual way.

But apart from being interesting and addictive it can also teach us things that can be useful in real life.

Believe:Power resides where men believe it resides”. So believe that you can achieve your dream and you can. It’s just your mindset that can make you successful or drag you towards failure. Take this power in your hand and believe in yourself and your abilities.

Admit your mistakes. Instead of finding excuses and trying to cover up your mistakes, you should do exactly what the Khaleesi does—admit your mistake and work to correct it. People around you will appreciate it and you will have peace and satisfaction in life.

Take a stand: You can’t be a spineless person taking orders from everyone all the time. You will die. Learn to take a stand when you have to.

Be Selfish: It’s okay to be little concerned for yourself, don’t feel guilty about being selfish. Do what is best for you because everyone is doing that for themselves. You are important to yourself – Love yourself, Respect yourself. If you don’t care about yourself no one will. So take a charge of your life and think for yourself first.

Read. I know some of you think reading is boring but try reading something useful, interesting there is certainly a book for you, go search for it. Because it is by reading you gain knowledge, your imagination gets a boost and you know more stuff. “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”

Don’t judge: What is wrong for you in one situation could be right for others. You don’t get to judge people because you don’t know everything. There is not black or white always. Grey is a color for a reason.

Don’t let others put you down. I’ll quote Tyrion here “Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one uses them against you,” truer words have never been spoken. “Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” 

Be kind: Not telling you to be a person who dies for others, but once in a while show some kindness while you can. Kindness is nice and when you ask it from others why not show it to others too. Be Kind to others and yourself.

Truth:Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it’. It might give you momentary satisfaction but something in you will always be uneasy. So do yourself a favor and follow the path of truth.

Change is good: Change is certain in this unsure world so instead of finding negatives about it why not embrace it. It will teach you things and will make you more experienced. Nobody likes a whining idiot after all.

Fight: Don’t let other people steal from you. Be it your time, your things, your energy, your positivity or whatsoever you value. Fight for what is yours. Giving up is for cowards. “Remember, whatever the price…I’ll beat it! I like living!”

Never underestimate your enemy. Khaleesi, they thought what she could do. She brought dragons to life. Be alert about what your enemies are doing. It is good to be informed if be anything else.

Failure is not permanent: Many of us take even a small defeat as a permanent failure but very simply GoT teaches us that, A long summer always meant a long winter to come’. So don’t lose hope when you fail, learn from it and try hard with more energy and planning because, “Even in dreams, you could not fall forever.” 

Let go of Fear: We often stop ourselves from following our passion because we have fear. Mostly it’s because this fear becomes stronger than our passion and in turn stops us from pursuing our dream. Don’t let your fear cripple you because often “Fear cuts deeper than swords.” Don’t let this fear stop you.

BE STRONG YOU’LL EVENTUALLY GET WHAT YOU WANT. When you’re faced with a crisis it’s actually life’s way of asking you what you really want. So be strong and try hard, failure is your chance to start fresh with more energy and better planning. Don’t let others opinion influence you, stay strong and stay true to your goal and you will achieve it.


About: Anjali Chauhan

Anjali is a Software engineer by profession. She likes travelling, dancing, reading and writing. She recently began her personal blog, deementiaa.wordpress.com, she shares her insights about growing up, happiness, passion, and meaning. Visit her blog or her Twitter page for contact information and more of her work.  


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