Choose Happiness


“If you want to be happy, be”

– Leo Tolstoy

This simple quote by Leo Tolstoy has so much depth in it. Whenever I think about happiness this line always comes in my mind. Happiness is one thing we all want. Everything we do or don’t do is because we want to be happy in life. Happiness is the heart of life but to seek happiness we are always dependent upon favorable events, or other people.

We assume that once I achieve something I will be happy or after this accomplishment I will be happy. But in reality it’s not the event that brings happiness to you, it is you who can bring happiness in your life in any situation. Have you ever noticed that you work hard to achieve something, to attain certain goal or to be with someone, but when you get it, you feel happy for some time and then the joy of having it disappears; it becomes one of the many things you have and you don’t care for. Assuming that happiness will come once you achieve or attain next great thing is a myth we have sold to ourselves.

Happiness is the biggest puzzle we face, we all want to be happy but we don’t know how. It is the root of all the desires but often we overlook the fact that happiness is not an abstract state of joy that we experience once we achieve our goals or fulfill our desires. The pursuit of happiness is the core of all our efforts, yet none of that effort is necessary to be happy – it’s the simplest choice of changing our state of mind. Happiness is rather a choice that you make every moment.

You can experience happiness when you feel you are ready for it. You can choose to be happy right now. It’s just your attitude that can make you happy. Happiness is not dependent upon the next thing you accomplish. It depends upon your choice, if you let something upset you it will but if you change your perspective and choose to be happy than happiness you will find.

Take control of your happiness and don’t let someone else destroy it. Create your happiness everyday by changing your focus in life. Be happy now; don’t wait for happiness to come at 5 less Kgs from now, not in 20,000 bucks more from now, not when you fit in that pretty red dress, or with that person, not in next job or next house. Be happy now because you are alive today at this very moment and that is reason good enough to celebrate.

You have to choose happiness to be happy. It is easy to sit with misery and feel sad about yourself. It is easy to keep worrying, thinking that it will solve your problems and bring change. But it takes conscious decision and persistence to focus your life towards being happy. Have the courage to choose happiness.


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