Writer’s block


Today it looks like my mind and my hands are conspiring against me. I am sitting at the kitchen table staring at my blank monitor with cursor blinking and shouting at me “Start something it’s very lonely here”.  But here I am just staring because, “I have nothing to say,” and that’s the only thing I can think now. I feel I have something to write but again when I see this blinking cursor my thoughts seem to just vanish.

How to overcome this writer’s block is one big question in front of me. And while working on this writing project for over six months now I have made some rules for myself which has helped me in overcoming this writer’s block.

Just write: While working on this project, I have to write every day for couple of hours and some days it just feel that I have nothing to write. At this point one thing that worked for me in past is just pick up a paper or laptop and start scribbling anything that comes to my mind. It can be just anything, something completely unrelated to the project. It helps me get the momentum and once I write something ideas starts coming. It’s like Newton’s law, “Everything remains in motion or in state of rest unless an external force is applied to it”, and this works here as well once you get the momentum things keep flowing. This blog is also one such attempt to overcome my block. So start writing anything that comes to your mind.

Disciple: When you create a schedule for writing and stick to it, your mind condition itself to work. Create a writing schedule and every day with disciple follow this schedule. Sometimes you might not feel like writing but stick to your rituals and schedule of writing. In no time things will be better and you will see the benefits of sticking with schedule.

Technology to blame: Now is it just me or I have technology to blame here. My phone keeps ringing and I am tempted to check emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram every five minutes as if world will collapse if I don’t. I just want to throw it but, “Oh! Boy I love it”, it’s difficult to stay without it. I sleep with technology rather literally and it’s with me 24*7.

Now to be honest too much technology can be the reason for this writer’s block. So make it a point to stay away from technology when you sit to write. Technology can distract you and in no time you will end up doing something else.

Take a break: When you over do something your creativity gets affected so take a break from your work. Take a walk around the block or talk to a loved one. Listen to music or read something, do something to relax your mind. Because relaxed mind is more creative and productive. When you will come back you will be full of energy to write more.

Enjoy: Most simple and most effective way is enjoy what you do. If you enjoy writing it will be fun. Writing sometimes can be very lonely and thank less job, but if it’s your passion to write, you will always feel home while writing. So enjoy what you do and make it a happy place in your life.

Writing is a creative endeavor and it takes lots of efforts but if you enjoy it, just do it. You will often get this feeling that, “My ideas are not good enough to write”. Stop over thinking and embrace your bad ideas and get the words flowing. Gradually you will make it work, just spill the words on your canvas and let them talk for you. Keep writing and enjoy it.


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