My Role Models

Once a colleague of mine asked me; ‘Who is your role model?’ I was speechless never thought about it. Based on my areas of interest there are few people whom I admire; but role model no. According to me a role model is someone who inspires you throughout your life no matter what you choose to do. So there was none, no role model for me.

But now after so many months I have an answer; I have my role model. In fact I have 2 role models, ‘My parents’. Someone whom I have been copying all these years and still do; My Mom and Dad.

My mother is the most hardworking person I know, with the strongest work ethic. Nothing is left undone when she sets her mind to it and this is something that was impressed upon me since childhood. She is very straight forward person and if she doesn’t like something she will tell on your face.

My father is very generous with his time and never asks for anything in return. He is someone whom I look upon when it comes to courage, will power, self confidence, value of time, never die spirit, positive attitude. He is the one person whom I have never seen low in energy and negative. He is a real fighter. He is strong but at the same time very emotional and loving.

Together they are very ‘Positive people with great fighting spirit’. They have always been there for me. I am who I am because of them; and I am trying hard to be like them. They are like a guiding star for me who always show me the correct path and when I triumph they are always there to cherish my achievements. They are my real heroes.


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