In the meanwhile

Recently I read one of the book by master story-teller and motivator Zig Ziglar. One of the chapter was very interesting and worth implementing in our day-to-day life to make it simple and happy. Here is the sample from the book:

A man phoned his physician and very quickly told him, ‘Doctor please come to my house immediately, my son has swallowed my fountain pen.’

Doctor replied, ‘Don’t worry I will be there in few minutes. But what are you doing in the meanwhile?’

‘Using pencil’ answered the father.

Now that was funny but the moral of this is very important. What you do in the meanwhile can actually make a difference in our lives.

Many of us wait at the traffic light while commuting to office or college, while waiting most of the time we just crib about the light or keep looking at our watch or checking our Facebook or twitter and in India we keep on honking as if that can change the light. But this is nothing but waste of time and energy. Why not utilize it in some constructive form.

How about closing your eyes for that 1-2 minutes and meditate till light turns green or between breaks of your favourite tv serial. While we wait at doctors clinic we can show some gratitude for all the blessing we have in our life, family, friends, job, food that we had today, clothes that we are wearing and that’s not it, once you will start you will find so many things to show gratitude for. It can be simply reading couple of pages of your favourite book while waiting for your train or flight and making your mind relax or listening to your favourite music to boost up your mood. It can also be saying a small prayer while waiting for elevator or bus or for a friend in a coffee shop.

In short just do those small bits to enrich your life, encourage and inspire your soul, relax your mind and make you happy.


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