When I look outside, it’s still dark
No light, no color, only darkness.
Sitting near the window, Lost in my thoughts
I am waiting for little light.
But it seems darkness is here to stay.

Hiding in my cocoon, engulfed in my worries,
I am losing faith, I thought of giving up
Accepting this kingdom of dark lord.
In the midst of darkness, I saw little light at the far end,
Ray of hope coming my way, Sun is rising somewhere.
Sky is changing color, Darkness is loosing
Giving way for positivity to enter. 
Making everything glow, nurturing new dreams
Sun came out with lots of promises.
Life is breathing, Birds are flying high, Flowers are blooming.
With negativity gone, embrace by positivity
I met with this incredible feeling call 'Happiness'!!
- Jyoti

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